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16 – 18 August 2018, Ho Chi Minh City

Fire & Safety Vietnam

Fire & Safety Vietnam

Due to the rapid-growing economy, the living standard in Vietnam has been tremendously improved, conducing to the rising awareness in security and safety.

Be it as it may, the foundation of the fire & safety market in Vietnam is yet mature.  The domestic demand for fire & safety equipment mainly relies on importing products from suppliers worldwide; fire hydrant is the only item manufactured in the country.  

In recent years, the Vietnamese government has been increasing its procurement budget in fire and safety products and solutions, coupled with civil needs. By far, at least 300 million US dollars is invested in purchasing fire safety products and equipment.

The government’s promulgation of "Vietnam Fire Control law" has stipulated the fire safety market in Vietnam. It is now mandatory to equip with certain fire safety products in public areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, entertainment venues, gas stations, warehouses, factories, and industrial areas. Otherwise, the business will not be allowed to open in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, in order to improve people’s living quality, Vietnamese authority has made great efforts in developing infrastructure, including airports, stations, terminals, buildings, and transportation, vigorously driving the demands in fire safety solutions in Vietnam.