14–16 Aug 2019 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam More info

2018 Fire & Safety Seminar


4.0 Industrial Revolution and its Challenges for Fire and Rescue Service in Vietnam

The seminar covered the best practices and solutions for buildings, disaster preventations and many more.

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Introduce delegates

Đại diện, Cục Cảnh sát PCCC và CNCH Representative, Vietnam Fire & Rescue Police Dept. (VFRPD)

Opening speech and keynote speech

Lãnh đạo, Cục Cảnh sát PCCC và CNCH, Leader of VFRPD

4.0 industrial revolution and its challenges for fire and rescue service in HCMC

Lãnh đạo Cảnh sát PC & CC TP. HCM, HCMC Fiie Police Dept.

4.0 industrial revolution and ít challenges for fire and rescue training

Đại diện BGH, Đại học PCCC, Leader, Fire University

Applying early fire alarm systems in Vietnam to meet the development of Industry 4.0


The forth industrial revolution and fire safety


Safety in High Rise Building  – Façade and Building construction Materials


4.0 industrial revolution and its challenges for fire and rescue service in Dong Nai

Lãnh đạo CS PCCC Đồng Nai, Dong Nai Fire Police Dept.

4.0 ICT solutions in fire safety

THs Lê Quốc Hùng – Giám đốc Công ty ITC

Applying First-tier Fire and Disaster Prevention Equipment from Europe


Nhuanphat Eco Fire - The enemy of all fire-safe and economy

Nhuan Phat

High-tech factory disasters and rescue

GP International

Solutions to control the operation of fire fighting equipment

Smart Z

Solution to Improve Fire Protection System in Structural Objects (Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology ACT)